Solar Hot Water heating

Solar Hot Water Heating is the single biggest step you can take to reduce your hot water bill while also adding value to your home and buffering you from electrical price increases. Solar is a great step to take the financial pressure off retirees.

With an installation from Plumber Sydney Now you get a great product, professional service, lifetime savings and the support that comes with the product and service guarantees. We can talk you through the range of products with no obligation even if you are just beginning to take take steps to solar.


Not only will you be greatly reducing your quarterly electricity bill but government rebates present a fantastic opportunity to save on an installation this year. Make the most of government rebates that can save you as much as $1000.

Rebates may not always be so attractive. Call us and discuss a solar installation and get an overall estimate and what could best suit your budget.


By using less electricity or gas, solar water heaters help the environment too.  There are almost no carbon emissions involved in heating your hot water with solar, and since heating hot water is one of the main residential uses of energy this can make a significant impact.


By choosing a solar installation you are dependant on the sun. Conventional electrical supply augments your electrical load requirements at times when the solar is insufficient for a given day based on weather conditions. Your hot water supply remains seamless and uninterrupted.


All of our work is underwritten by warranty plus you have the advantage of attached guarantees that come with great products like Rheem and Dux.

Solar Hot Water heating Sydney