Pipe and Leaks

Plumber Sydney Now uses the most up to date technology to diagnose and repair leaks. This means that the slab foundation does not need to be cut or broken to find a leak and repair. We use electronic devices to locate the problem avoiding the need for excavation.


Pressure can build up inside your home’s concrete slab when a pipe inside the slab begins to leak. Do not allow a plumber to jack hammer or drill into your home without speaking to our expert team. More than likely , the slab leak can be diagnosed and repaired without costly disruption to your slab and home interior. Call Plumber Sydney Now for a free over the phone consultation or have us come and inspect the problem.


Leaks in your home are unhealthy, causing mould which can substantially increase coughs, colds and infections. Carpet is destroyed, floors rotted and dry-wall and paint  in need of replacement. Whether you are a home owner of a re renting, leaks should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid potentially catastrophic failures and greater financial loss. If you are living in an upstairs dwelling this is particularly important when a failure means flooding the downstairs and electrical roof installations. Preventative maintenance is the best approach for a happy home!


If you smell gas in your home you need to act immediately to avoid potentially life threatening danger of fire and explosion. Gas leaks typically smell like a ‘rotten egg’ and should not be ignored.


Does your running water have a brownish colour? is the the pressure weak? Does the water have a metallic taste? These can be signs that your pipes are in need of repair. Call Plumber Sydney Now and have one out expert plumbers come and take a look today.


Do your pipes rattle when you turn off the water? This is best addressed sooner rather than later to avoid damage to your pipes. Call Plumber Sydney Now and we can advise how you can fix the problem.

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Pipe and Leak Repairs

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